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 China Peace Tour



Global Citizenship

  From students in Japan, I had brought a banner of peace messages to Xinglong County, China. Chinese art students, at first hesitant to believe in the good wishes of their traditional rival, soon joined in to add artistic messages expressing hope for peace among all nations and peoples. I eventually took the banner to Canada, Denmark, and finally, the U.S.   I performed my movie and discussed my anti-war art with high school students majoring in art at Xinglong County Vocational School. The Phelex Foundation, a philanthropic organization that promotes education in rural areas of China, coordinated my visit and art teaching. See more about my work in Xinglong county at www.phelex.com    
    Mr. Li introduced us to a traditional farm couple, farm managers for the Xinglong County Vocational School. Later he told us they are his parents.  
  I met artist, Wang Ynhai, exhibiting at the {how} Studio in the the new and innovative Daishanzi Art District, Beijing. I invited him to participate in my three-country art initiative. I performed my movie Who's Telling Our Story? at the Beijing Art Academy. Our translator, Ms. Li Yan, hosted us and facilitated a lively political discussion with graduate students in the art and theatre programs.
  Rugao Normal College in Jiangsu Province, near Nantong, rolled out the red banner in welcome as we arrived for several days of training for area teachers and education and art students.  
  I addressed students at Rugao Normal College prior to performing Who's Telling Our Story? Our host and colleague, Ms. Cynthia Liu translated as I led discussion on world affairs and art.   I was appointed "Visiting Lecturer in English and Art Faculty in recognition of contributions to the artistic and moral development of students at Rugao Normal College."School president of Rugao Normal College honored us with certificates and a guest appointment for future trainings.  
We bid farewell to our colleagues and school directors at Rugao Normal College.
  I exchanged addresses with an artist in Shanghai. This young artist, painting in a store front, is hoping to move up in the developing Shanghai art scene.   Old and new China intermingle in an emerging and innovative art district in Shanghai.  

While visiting the Wild Goose Pavillion in Xian, I listened as a young Chinese professional woman explained her husband's choice to joing the army. "He was afraid he would not do well enough on his exams to get a job of his choice, so he entered the army knowing that he would have employment. It is a difficult career, and we have been apart for two years."

To exhibit my Anguished Art: Outcries for Peace paintings and sculptures, or my Outcries for Peace Banner Art, or to have me perform Who's Telling Our Story?, please contact me at jkadircannon@gmail.com