Japan Peace Tour

Peace Banner collaboratively created by Japanese and American artists in Toyohashi


Banner Art~Outcries for Peace
Performances~Who's Telling Our Story?
Toyohashi Station International Peace Project


To exhibit my Anguished Art: Outcries for Peace paintings and sculptures, or my Outcries for Peace Banner Art, or to have me perform Who's Telling Our Story?, please contact me at jkadircannon@gmail.com

Peace Museum, Hiroshima, Japan

Atomic Bomb Dome
Hiroshima, Japan


My Banner Art, on display at the Peace Museum in Hiroshima, elicited compassions from visitors for civilian and military casualties of war.

My art led to exchange of ideas about peace issues and cultural identity at the World Friendship Center, Hiroshima. Center members were also interested in my father's work as a Manhattan Project physicist who campaigned for non-military uses of nuclear energy and for nuclear disarmament in the 1950s.
Artists in Toyohashi collaborated to paint the Peace Banner for display and outdoor performance at the Toyohashi Station International Peace Project.
One of my Outcries for Peace banners exhibited high over the city of Toyohashi at the Toyohashi Station International Peace Project.
Innami-san and I enacted a masked performance of GREED and POWER fighting over the world at the Toyohashi Station International Peace Project.
Japanese artists were joined by American artists from the Dayton Printmakers Group, who participated in the Peace Performance at the Toyohashi Station International Peace Project.
The reporter from Higashiaichi Color News in Toyohashi, was intrigued that an American artist would use art to convey a message of peace to Japan and the world.
I was a guest lecturer for the American Studies and Media Studies departments at Kyoto-Seika University
and Kansai University, in Kyoto, Japan.
I performed my movie, Who's Telling Our Story?, and led discussions about peace, the media, and the pace and pressures of life in developed nations.
I could have shouldered the burdens of the world and gone home, but there were more connections to make in China. See China Peace Tour pages for more!