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International People's College USA, Canada, Denmark


I transferred my antiwar images to posters.
With my local peace action group, we demonstrated in Washington, D. C.


Art and Education Peace Tour


Westheimer Peace Symposium
Wilmington College, Ohio
Our Challenge: Transcending the War Within...
I was a featured speaker, joining New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges (author of War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning), Iraqi War veteran John Crawford (author of The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell), and peace activist Anne Morrison Welsh, widow of Viet Nam War protester Norman Morrison.

The Little Art Theatre
Yellow Springs, Ohio

International Peace Research Association Conference
Calgary, Canada

At the IPRA Conference, I discussed peace activism strategies with Dr. Johan Galtung, founder of International Peace Research Institute in Norway, and director of Transcend, a development and peace network. As part of the Art and Peace Commission, I worked with Ms. Maria Elena Lopez Vinader, musician and peace activist from Argentina.

I joined students and teachers participating in the Scandinavian Seminar's Peace in the Modern World/Conflict Resolution two-week seminar at the International People's College in Elsinore, Denmark. I exhibited my Banner Art and showed my movie, leading a discussion on the effects of the media on our perception of war and peace issues.

    International People's College principal Kristoff Kristiansen, a Dane, writes books on national stereotypes in world history. Garba Diallo, originally from Mauritania, teaches African Studies and International Conflict Management.  
  The program included lectures and discussions on roots of global conflict in such places as the Middle East, Rwanda, and Iraq.   I visited museums and saw traditional and contemporary art in Copenhagen.    
  Joining a teacher and parent of a soldier in Iraq, I stood vigil outside the White House, Washington DC.   Peace begins at home, and I rejoice in the love of my family, at home and throughout the world!  

To exhibit my Anguished Art: Outcries for Peace paintings and sculptures, or my Outcries for Peace Banner Art, or to have me perform Who's Telling Our Story?, please contact me at